Best ChatGPT Alternatives for Coding



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ChatGPT alternatives for coding.

Let's dive right in and explore some of the best alternatives to ChatGPT when it comes to coding. These tools are not just alternatives, they're game-changers, bringing new dimensions to the world of programming. Buckle up and get ready for a fascinating ride through these powerful coding companions!

1. GitHub Copilot X

GitHub Copilot

When it comes to ChatGPT alternatives, there's a rising star creating quite the stir in the programming universe - GitHub Copilot X. This standout tool, fueled by the formidable GPT-4 model, is not just altering but revolutionizing the way coding is executed.

The Unique Allure of GitHub Copilot X

What truly sets GitHub Copilot X apart and makes it shine? It's the tool's uncanny knack for presenting real-time code suggestions and completions. Imagine having a seasoned programmer by your side, ever-ready to extend their expertise whenever you hit a roadblock. You type a few lines and, like magic, the AI completes the rest, paving your way to crafting more streamlined and effective code.

# With GitHub Copilot X
def add\_numbers(a, b): """Add two numbers""" # Start typing your function here...

The moment you begin typing your function, GitHub Copilot X jumps into action and suggests the remainder of the code:

# Suggested by GitHub Copilot X
def add\_numbers(a, b): """Add two numbers""" return a + b

But don't mistake it for just another line-completing tool. GitHub Copilot X serves as a reliable ally that comprehends your coding style, adapting itself to suit your needs perfectly. It's akin to having a custom tailor for your programming endeavors!

A Quantum Leap in Programming

GitHub Copilot X isn't merely a substitute for ChatGPT; it signifies an evolutionary stride in programming. By harnessing the raw power of AI, this tool aids developers in penning superior code at an accelerated pace with reduced error rates.

"GitHub Copilot X doesn't just give you fish; it equips you with fishing skills."

While numerous ChatGPT substitutes concentrate on text generation or conversation management, GitHub Copilot X excels in an entirely different arena - programming! This specialization makes it an ideal choice for developers seeking AI support tailored exclusively to their domain.

Tapping into GPT-4 Capabilities

At the core of GitHub Copilot X lies GPT-4, a language model trained on copious amounts of text data from across the internet. This powerhouse understands context, deciphers patterns and anticipates subsequent inputs with astounding precision.

Thanks to GPT-4's rigorous training on countless open-source codes, GitHub Copilot X steers clear of suggesting arbitrary code snippets. Instead, it proposes pertinent and reliable solutions rooted in software development best practices.

Shaping the Future of Coding with AI

With innovative tools like GitHub Copilot X making their mark, coding is steadily becoming less intimidating and more accessible to all - from grizzled veterans to novices testing the waters of programming.

This unique fusion of cutting-edge AI technology and practical application is yet another testament to how ChatGPT alternatives are pushing frontiers across diverse fields.

Reviews and User Feedback on GitHub Copilot X

The response to GitHub Copilot X from the developer community has been largely positive. Users have lauded its time-saving capabilities and the significant boost in productivity it offers.

One user found that it "not only improves coding speed but also helps understand better coding practices." Another reveled in how it "acts like a pair programmer, understanding my intent and providing me with code snippets that I would not have thought of."

The tool's ability to adapt to individual coding styles was also well-received. A developer shared, "I love how it learns my style over time and starts suggesting code in a way that feels natural to me."

However, like any tool, GitHub Copilot X is not without its limitations. Some users pointed out that it occasionally suggests incorrect or inefficient code. Still, they acknowledged that such instances are rare and can be overlooked given the overall benefits.

Pricing of GitHub Copilot X

GitHub Copilot X follows a simple and straightforward pricing model. The cost is:

  • $10/month if you opt for monthly billing.
  • $100/year if you choose annual billing, effectively giving you two months free when compared to the monthly plan.

For businesses, it gets even better! The price is set at:

  • $19 per user per month, offering scalability and flexibility for teams of all sizes.

If you're a developer seeking an efficient AI-powered assistant that understands your needs and adapts to your coding style, then GitHub Copilot X may just be your perfect match!

2. Amazon CodeWhisperer

Amazon CodeWhisperer

Meet Amazon CodeWhisperer, a top ChatGPT alternative for coding, Amazon CodeWhisperer is an AI-powered sidekick designed to revolutionize the way developers write and review code. This swanky tool goes far beyond your traditional IDE (Integrated Development Environment) with its advanced features and machine learning capabilities.

Power-Packed Features

Amazon CodeWhisperer is not just a tool, it's a powerhouse of features that aim to accelerate your coding process while enhancing its quality. Here are the key highlights:

  • Code Completion: Say goodbye to incomplete or incorrect code snippets. CodeWhisperer uses AI to understand your coding patterns and provide real-time, accurate suggestions - from simple snippets to full functions.
  • Error Detection: Spot bugs and flaws swiftly with CodeWhisperer's advanced error detection feature. It scans your code meticulously, helping you identify potential issues before they turn into major headaches.
  • Code Quality Analysis: With CodeWhisperer, ensure that each line of code adheres to the highest standards of quality. The tool helps maintain robustness, reliability, and efficiency in your codebase.

CodeWhisperer leverages sophisticated machine learning techniques to comprehend complex code patterns and provide precise recommendations, making it an indispensable companion for developers.

Integrated with Amazon Web Services (AWS)

As part of the Amazon Web Services suite, CodeWhisperer integrates seamlessly with other AWS tools. This means you can build, deploy, and manage applications faster on AWS's secure and scalable platform.

Flexible Pricing Based on Usage

The pricing model for CodeWhisperer is usage-based - meaning you pay for what you use. As such, it caters to developers with varied needs and budgets. Whether you're a solo developer working on a pet project or a large enterprise developing complex applications, there's a plan tailored for you.

Amazon CodeWhisperer is not your regular ChatGPT alternative, it's designed specifically with a coding ability than ChatGPT; it's an intelligent coding companion that helps developers unlock their full potential while making their coding journey smooth and efficient. Happy Coding!

3. Tabnine

Tabnine is a powerful ChatGPT alternative for coding, offering advanced AI-powered code auto-suggestions in your IDE, akin to GitHub Copilot. Trained on a large dataset of open-source programs, it provides contextually relevant code suggestions, enhancing your coding process.

Tabnine stands apart with its customization feature - developers can train their own AI models to cater to their unique coding needs. It's also exceedingly versatile, running seamlessly on various IDEs (such as VSCode, Sublime, Vim, Android Studio), languages (including JavaScript, Python, TypeScript), and platforms (like computers, servers, offline and cloud environments).

However, it might not be as precise as ChatGPT in terms of code snippet recommendations due to lesser training data. As for pricing, both free and paid plans are available with the latter providing additional features at $20/month.

Pros of Using Tabnine

  • Advanced AI-Powered Auto-Suggestions: Tabnine uses advanced AI technology to offer auto-suggestions for code snippets, immensely boosting your coding speed and efficiency.
  • Customization: One standout feature of Tabnine is that it allows developers to train and customize their own AI models. This can be very beneficial in tailoring the tool to your specific coding needs.
  • Versatility: Tabnine's compatibility with a wide range of IDEs (like VSCode, Sublime, Vim, Android Studio) and languages (JavaScript, Python, TypeScript), as well as its ability to run on various platforms (computers, servers, offline, cloud) enhances its versatility.

Cons of Using Tabnine

  • Less Precision in Code Snippet Recommendations: Compared to ChatGPT, Tabnine may lack precision in its code snippet recommendations due to having less training data.
  • Cost of Paid Plan: While there is a free plan available, accessing additional features requires a subscription plan which costs $20/month. This could be a factor if budget is a constraint.

Personal Experience With Tabnine

Using Tabnine has significantly enhanced my coding experience by providing relevant and quick auto-suggestions. The tool's ability to learn from the project context and suggest suitable code snippets has often saved me time during development.

The customization feature where I could train my own AI model provided an added advantage by catering to my unique coding needs. However, I did feel the precision of code suggestions could be improved at times. Overall, despite the cost of the paid plan, I found value in using Tabnine due to its expansive features and versatility across different IDEs and platforms.

4. Rix

Rix is an AI chatbot by Hashnode that serves as a ChatGPT alternative for coding. Designed specifically for developers, it delivers programming solutions with citations and enables users to execute code directly on the platform.

Rix supports several programming languages such as Python, NextJS, TailwindCSS, React Native among others. However, when it comes to explaining intricate programming concepts, it may not be as effective.

Pros of Using Rix

  1. Built for Developers: Rix is specifically designed for developers, making it a suitable tool for programming tasks.
  2. Citations Provided: Unlike many other tools, Rix provides programming solutions with citations, adding credibility and reference points to the solutions it offers.
  3. In-Platform Code Execution: The ability to execute code directly on the platform is a unique and handy feature that Rix provides, saving time and making the coding process more convenient.
  4. Supports a Variety of Programming Languages: From Python to NextJS, TailwindCSS, and React Native, Rix supports a broad range of widely used programming languages.

Cons of Using Rix

  1. Insufficient Explanation of Complex Concepts: While Rix can give answers to many programming problems, it may not be as effective when it comes to explaining complex or intricate programming concepts.
  2. Limited Functionality Compared to Some Competitors: In comparison to some other ChatGPT alternatives like GitHub Copilot or AskCodi, Rix might lack some features or capabilities.

Personal Experience With Rix

I've had an overall positive experience using Rix in my development projects. The tool's ability to provide solutions with citations was quite impressive as it gave me an opportunity to delve deeper into the problems I was solving. Being able to execute code directly on the platform was another feature I found incredibly useful.

However, there were times when I found the explanation of certain complex concepts lacking depth and clarity. Moreover, compared to other tools I've used like GitHub Copilot or AskCodi, Rix seemed a bit limited in its functionality.

Despite these minor drawbacks, I would say that Rix is still a beneficial tool for developers looking for ChatGPT alternatives and could certainly serve as a helpful assistant in various coding scenarios.

5. AskCodi

AskCodi is an OpenAI-powered tool that serves as a ChatGPT alternative for coding. Catering to developers of all levels of expertise, AskCodi offers a deep understanding of a wide range of programming languages from JavaScript to LUA.

A standout feature of AskCodi is its integration capabilities - it smoothly integrates with frontend/backend use cases, while offering extensive code documentation, explanation, and testing features.

AskCodi provides 100 free tokens per prompt per month. If this limit is exceeded, you'll need to upgrade your plan or wait until the commencement of the next month.

Pros of Using AskCodi

  1. Deep Understanding of Programming Languages: AskCodi is powered by OpenAI, which gives it a deep comprehension of various programming languages, including but not limited to JavaScript and LUA. This makes it a versatile tool for developers working in different languages.
  2. Integration with Frontend/Backend Use Cases: AskCodi's ability to integrate smoothly with frontend/backend use cases makes it a practical tool for developers involved in various aspects of project development.
  3. Extensive Code Documentation and Explanation Features: Besides code suggestions, AskCodi also offers extensive code documentation and explanation features, making it easier for developers to understand the code they are working with.
  4. Free Tokens: With 100 free tokens per prompt per month, AskCodi provides ample opportunities for developers to utilize its features without incurring additional costs.

Cons of Using AskCodi

  1. Limit on Free Tokens: The limit on free tokens could be a drawback for heavy users as they might need to upgrade their plan or wait until the next month once the limit is exceeded.
  2. Learning Curve: As with any sophisticated tool, there might be a learning curve associated with using AskCodi effectively, especially for less experienced developers.

Personal Experience With AskCodi

I have found AskCodi to be an incredibly useful tool in my coding projects. Its understanding of programming languages is quite impressive, and it offered relevant suggestions when I needed them most. The documentation and explanation features were also very helpful, providing depth to my understanding of the code I was working with.

However, I did hit the limit on free tokens on a few occasions during intensive coding sessions, which was slightly inconvenient. Nevertheless, considering the overall utility and features offered by AskCodi, I believe it is certainly one of the best ChatGPT alternatives available for developers today.


In the realm of coding, having a proficient AI assistant can be a game-changer. With several alternatives available to ChatGPT now, developers are spoilt for choice.

  • Tabnine: Context-based code suggestions and custom AI model training capabilities. Great for open-source projects, but may fall short in providing precise snippet recommendations.
  • Rix: Offers programming solutions with citations and on-platform code execution. Efficient for developers working with Python, NextJS, TailwindCSS, React Native, etc. Might not always excel in explaining certain programming questions.
  • AskCodi: Stands out with its deep understanding of various programming languages and integration into both frontend and backend use. A comprehensive tool for developers at all levels. However, the limit on free tokens could pose a challenge for heavy users.

Each of these tools has its own unique strengths and weaknesses. The choice ultimately depends on your specific requirements and preferences as a developer. Regardless of which tool you choose to use, the key is to leverage these technologies to aid in your coding process and enhance your productivity.

Frequently asked questions
  • Developers have multiple alternatives to ChatGPT for coding assistance such as GitHub Copilot X, Amazon CodeWhisperer, Tabnine, Rix, and AskCodi. The choice depends on specific needs and preferences.
  • GitHub Copilot X is a ChatGPT alternative for coding that uses the GPT-4 model to provide real-time code suggestions and completions, adapting to the user's coding style. It accelerates coding speed, reduces errors, and offers reliable solutions based on software development best practices.
  • GitHub Copilot X is specialized in programming and is praised for its time-saving capabilities, productivity boost, and ability to understand coding intent. However, it occasionally suggests incorrect or inefficient code.
  • $10/month for monthly billing, $100/year for annual billing (equivalent to two months free), and $19 per user per month for businesses.
  • Amazon CodeWhisperer is an AI-powered ChatGPT alternative that enhances code quality with features like code completion, error detection, and code quality analysis. It integrates with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and offers flexible pricing based on usage.
  • Tabnine is a powerful ChatGPT alternative for coding that provides AI-powered code auto-suggestions in various IDEs and languages. It offers customization options but may not be as precise as ChatGPT due to less training data.
  • Tabnine has both free and paid plans available. The paid plans start at $20/month for additional features.
  • Rix is Hashnode's AI chatbot alternative to ChatGPT for coding. It's designed for developers, provides programming solutions with citations, supports multiple languages (Python, NextJS, TailwindCSS, React Native), allows code execution on the platform. However, it may not be effective in explaining complex concepts.
  • AskCodi is an OpenAI-powered ChatGPT alternative for coding. It understands JavaScript, LUA, and other languages. It integrates with frontend/backend use cases, offers code documentation, explanation, and testing features.
  • AskCodi provides 100 free tokens per prompt per month; exceeding the limit requires plan upgrade or waiting until the next month.