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Simple and yet powerful for a taste of AI writing.


What's included?

5,000 words

50+ content templates

ChatGPT-like chatbot by junia.ai

AI-powered content editor

AI Images

No credit card required


For bloggers, freelancers, and individual creators alike.


20,000 words/month

Unlock GPT-4

5 Blog Post Workflows (Ready to Rank, Auto-Generated Articles)

30+ languages

AI Document analysis

Brand voice (Custom Tone of Voice)

Knowledge Assets (Infobase)

#1 AI-powered Text Editor

SEO mode

Build Your Own AI Commands



Ideal for large-scale content creation.


35 Blog Post Workflows (Ready to Rank, Auto-Generated Articles)

100,000 words/month

Bulk Generate Articles

Generate 6000+ word articles

Parasite SEO Integration

Reveal Competitors' Keywords

Unlimited Brand Voice (Custom Tone of Voice)

Unlimited Knowledge Assets (Infobase)

Unlimited Advanced Blog Outline Creation

Invite Team Members

Access to Latest features


Enabling GPT-4, which offers superior content generation, will consume twice the number of words.


Workflows (Ready to Rank, Auto-Generated Articles)

1 run

Up to 5 runs/mo

Up to 35 runs/mo

50+ content templates

AI co-write

AI-written words

5,000 words

20,000 words

100,000 words

30+ languages


AI Chat

AI Images

10 images

100 images

200 images

AI File analysis

1 File

AI Content Detector


AI Powered Citation


Brand Voice




Team collaboration(Includes 3 team members)




Newest AI models


Stock images

Unlimited projects


Link Sharing

Wordpress Integration


Webflow Integration


Shopify Integration


Medium Integration


Reddit Integration




Frequently asked questions
  • Currently, what sets Junia AI apart as the best AI content writer in the market is our unique custom-trained AI model. While we also use OpenAI's GPT-4, our AI model has been specifically designed to produce SEO-friendly content in various formats such as product reviews, comparisons, guides, pillar articles, and press releases. The result is content that stands out with its exceptional quality.

    However, if OpenAI or other AI providers develop a new model that can generate articles with higher quality and better SEO optimization, we will certainly consider integrating it into our platform. We are always looking for ways to improve our services and provide the best possible content for our users.

    1. Keyword Research. The AI automatically conducts keyword research, finds the popular words or phrases (keywords) that people are using when they search something related to your topic. Heavily optimize your article for SEO.
    2. Competitor Analysis. The AI also crawls your competitors' articles and analyze the keywords your competitors are using in their content to maximize your ranking potential on Google.
    3. Article Rewriting. The AI can even take your competitors' articles and rewrite them in a fresh way, so you have unique content that still hits all the important points.
    4. Multilayer AI Optimization. Beyond these features, each article is refined through multiple layers of AI processing. This means the article will be sent to multiple advanced AI models for further rewriting, improvement, and optimization, ensuring maximum quality and uniqueness. This multilayer approach guarantees a superior standard of content that stands out in both readability and SEO effectiveness.

    Remember, each article generated with the workflow will receive this superhero treatment from the AI.

  • Even after using up your workflow runs, you can still create content that will rank on Google with our Blog Post Generator Template and AI-powered text editor.

    You can also upgrade your plan to Pro where you will have more than 35 Workflow runs per month. If done correctly, that could result in at least 35 articles ranking on the Google front page!

    Additionally, you have the option to purchase additional workflow runs. The rate is $1.50 per workflow.
  • Our plans offer a generous word allowance each month, designed to cater to most users' content needs. However, if you find yourself reaching this limit, you have two options:

    Option 1: Purchase additional credits to continue using Junia's services without interruption. The rate is $1 for 2,000 words.
    Option 2: Wait for your credits to renew at the beginning of your next billing cycle.

    The options above provide flexibility to ensure uninterrupted access to Junia.ai's services.
  • Yes, you can upgrade your plan at any time to benefit from additional features and capabilities.
  • Simply go to your account settings to cancel your subscription anytime.
  • Currently unused Workflow Runs, AI images, and words don't carry over to the next month.
  • We accept most major payment methods, including cards, Google Pay, and Apple Pay, all securely processed through Stripe for your privacy and security. We do not accept payments via PayPal or any other transfers outside of Stripe. Additionally, we never store your credit card information in our database.
  • No credit card is required for a free trial of Junia. Our services are accessible under the free plan, which you can use to evaluate your needs before opting for any paid features. Please refer to our Terms of Service for more information on our refund policy and any exceptions that may apply.
  • Billing occurs at the beginning of your subscription.
  • No, there are no hidden fees associated with using Junia.
  • Yes, we at Junia are committed to continuously improving our platform and adding advanced features to enhance user experience and effectiveness. We heavily use the platform ourselves and regularly receive feedback from our users to ensure we're meeting your needs. We ship fast! You can keep track of our updates and new feature additions on our changelog page.