Founder, Junia AI

About me

Yi, an AI and SEO expert, brings over six years of diverse industry experience to the table, has served as a web consultant to development leads for some of the largest companies, including Accenture. He's the brain behind Junia.ai, a unique blend of AI and SEO borne out of his passion for technology.

Yi isn't just the driving force at Junia.ai, he's also a prolific open-source developer. His software has notched up over 13 million downloads worldwide and is used and trusted by major companies, including some competitors of Junia.ai.

A significant aspect of Yi's work involves his engagement with various AI tools. He is dedicated to staying updated with the latest industry trends, actively testing and reviewing a range of AI technologies, including AI SEO and AI writing tools. His insightful reviews and findings are shared on the Junia AI Blog, showcasing his hands-on approach and commitment to pushing the boundaries of technological advancements.

When Yi isn't immersed in tech community contributions or spearheading projects at Junia.ai, he's sharing insights at various tech conferences and meetups. In his downtime, Yi enjoys playing guitar.

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